Upcycling, Repurposing, Distressing Furniture...

Upcycling, Repurposing, Distressing Furniture...

I don't really know where to start with this blog.  Since moving back from NZ I have been experimenting with what I think may work for me as a mum of 3 that still works as an anaesthetic technician part time but just loves to source original one off bits of furniture that need a whole new face lift and then a new home.  Have I found my market - I'm not sure but I am certainly enjoying it. I am lucky that having run a large retail furniture business I have picked up on what sells and what doesn't but this recycling and repurposing is a different angel for me.

So what is repurposing, up cycling and distressing? In a nut shell it is taking an old piece of furniture that is no longer any use to anyone, out of fashion or just plain ugly, and giving it a whole new look.  Its pretty easy actually and all too often, like with so many aspects of our lives, it is hard to see past what is right in front of you. But with a little imagination, and perhaps a lot of pinterest browsing, the ideas of how to make an old piece new again soon start flooding in. I am not artistic at all by nature but there is something about upcycling furniture that allows you to just go with it.  I nearly always have a helper which makes it way more fun!

My most recent project that I have really enjoyed is transforming an old oak nest of tables that someone gave me int o something new and cool.  Dark wood is out of fashion, and fun pastel colours are in.  There is a lot of chat about expensive chalk paint but to be honest I find if I do a base coat of watered down chalk paint first then I can use any paint on top of that.  I found a blue chalk paint in Aldi for just £2 a tin.  I then just brought 3 small sample pots of 'Home of Colour' paint from Homebase as I didn't want to buy large pots in case the colours didn't work. Once the chalk paint has been put down as a base then you can literally apply any paint on to it.  Find your colour and then just go for it.

I applied 2 coats of colour but with the lovely warm weather we have had recently it took no time to dry. Then with a very fine sand paper I simply rub the areas that are more likely to have worn over time, the outside of the legs, the cross bars where feet may have been put and the corners. I didn't have to apply a clear wax to this as it wasn't a chalk paint that I used as a top coat, however it if was I would have added a quick coat of clear furniture wax to prevent further distressing happening.

I am very please with the finished product and for just £35 I really hope this will suit someone's home.  A nest a tables is so versatile, fitting into kids rooms, TV rooms, lounges, kittens, conservatories, in fact anywhere.


Furniture can be purchased online or in person and I have numerous projects on the go all the time and as of the Tuesday the 15th of May 2018 my small showroom will be open every Tuesday from 930am to 3pm or I can do viewings by appointment.  If it is contemporary oak or pine that you are after then I can still source all of these items at a very reasonable price so just drop me an email if you have any questions. Many strings to my bow one might say!
If you can make it to my official opening on May the 15th then please do, coffee and cake as always.

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