Restoring Antique Pine Chest of Drawers

Restoring Antique Pine Chest of Drawers

Restoring antique pine furniture can be a total bind or very rewarding.  This pine piece I really enjoyed doing.  I found it at an auction with a very old wood worm damaged top.  However the shape of the drawers and front was so pretty and the signs of wood worm were old and inactive that I decided to give it a go. 

Step 1:  Remove the old handles from the drawers


Step 2: Treat for woodworm just in case

Step 3: Gently sand the drawer fronts and sides, (220 grit)

Step 4: Using a more course sandpaper (80 grit) sand the top of the chest of drawers to even out the woodworm damage.

At this point I released that the woodworm damage was fairly deep and that if I waxed it the wax would make the lines look black and unattractive.  I tried a new technique!

Step 5: Mix fine sawdust with woodglue and water 50:50 and brush into the grain and grooves.  Allow to try for 24 hours.    VIDEO

Step 6: Gently sand off the glue and sawdust mixture (220 grit).

Step 7:  Apply a stripped pine coloured wax over the whole chest of drawers and buff up using an old rag.

Step 8: Fit new handles. 




This finished antique pine chest of drawers is now full of character and ready for its forever home.  It certainly has signs of a life previously lived but for sure isn’t ready for the crap heap yet.  The deep drawers will provide adequate storage and the pretty drawers draw the eye in. 

I have numerous pieces of antique pine in the shop so do pop on up or drop me a line if you are after a particular piece. 


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